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Lietuvos eksporto/importo į Meksiką rodikliai:

*Duomenys paimti iš Lietuvos statistikos departamento

2018 m. Meksika I ketv.

2018 m. Meksika II ketv.


2017 m. Meksika I ketv.

2017 m. Meksika II ketv.

2017 m. Meksika III ketv. 

2017 m. Meksika IV ketv.

Eksporto į Meksiką sertifikatus galite rasti čia

Meksikos 2018 m I ketv. ir II ketv. PPO notifikacijas galite rasti čia.

Meksikos 2018 m III ketv. PPO notifikacijas galite rasti čia.


SPS: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues:

1. Fresh fruit and vegetables import restrictions.

2. Procedure for the approval of establishments without prior inspectation.

3. Price controls on dairy and other type of products.


Barrier details:

1. Geographical Indications and EU names.

2. Protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

3. Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

4. Discrimination against EU companies in Public Procurement.

5. Registration and approval of health products and agro-chemicals.

6. Arbitrary customs procedures.

7. Labelling.