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Eksporto sertifikatai 

Import procedures of China

Trade policy 

SPS: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues:

1. New certification requirements for low risk food products

2. Unjustified Chinese import ban imposed on bovine/ovine genetic material due to Schmallenberg virus

3. Burdensome application process for approval of meat establishments for exports to China.

4. Import conditions related to milk and dairy products.

5. Longstanding and unjustified import ban on EU Bovine/Ovine and products thereof due to BSE.

6. Non recognition of EUs regionalisation measures strictly implemented due to African swine fever.


Barrier Details:

1. China - Aircraft certification in China (small aircraft) 

2. China - Cosmetics

3. China – Raw Materials - export restrictions

4. China – Restrictions on foreign direct investment (FDI)

5. China – Public procurement

6. China - Compulsory Certification System (CCC)

7. China - Medical devices

8. China - Pharmaceuticals

9. China – Licensing procedures in financial services, telecommunication and postal and courier sectors

10. China – Shipbuilding Scrapping and Newbuilding Subsidy Programme

11. China – IT Security - Chinese licensing practices and approaches to information deviating from the international standards and global practices

12. China – Dramatic increase of dyestuff prices

13. China – Dramatic increase of dyestuff prices

14. China – Double testing for textiles

15. China – New certification requirements for low risk food products

16. China – China waste import ban

17. China – Chinese Furniture Standards for furniture products - CHN 1094, CHN 1095, CHN 1096