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SPS: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues:

1. Sanitary measures applied by USA for imports of live bivalve molluscs.

2. Slow procedures on applications to allow import of new types of plant products.

3. USA import restrictions on apples and pears.

4. Bovine animals and products.

5. Sheep and goat meat market access to USA.

6. Rules for import of dairy products into USA.


VMVT inspektoriai gilinosi į JAV reikalavimus įmonių savikontrolei ir mėsos eksportui

Import procedures of United States of America

Trade policy


Barrier details: 

1. United States of America - IPR: inadequate protection of GIs.

2. United States of America - Restriction/Ban on sturgeon import.

3. United States of America - Boeing Subsidies.

4. United States of America - Anti-dumping measures: practice of zeroing.

5. United States of America - FDI limitations imposed by the CFIUS/FINSA.

6. United States of America - Procurement: Buy American.

7. United States of America - DS 160 - Section 110(5) of the US Copyright Act (“Irish Music”).

8. United States of America - Services: 100 % collateral requirement on reinsurance business and discriminatory tax treatment.

9. United States of America - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA).

10. United States of America - Aviation: ownership restrictions.

11. United States of America - Maritime: Cabotage restrictions.

12. United States of America - A threat of 100% duty increase for certain viscose fibres and yarn.