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Lietuvos eksporto/importo į Argentiną rodikliai:

*Duomenys paimti iš Lietuvos statistikos departamento

2018 m. Argentina I ketv.

2018 m. Argentina II ketv.


2017 m. Argentina I ketv.

2017 m. Argentina II ketv.

2017 m. Argentina III ketv. 

2017 m. Argentina IV ketv.

Eksporto į Argentiną sertifikatus galite rasti čia.

Argentina nėra pateikusi PPO notifikacijų 2018 m. I ketv. ir II ketv.

Argentinos 2018 m III ketv. PPO notifikacijas galite rasti čia.


SPS: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues:

1. Pork meat and pork meat products (Aujeszky´s disease).

2. Meat and meat products of ruminants (BSE).

3. EU exports of bovine semen and embryos.

Barrier details:

1. Geographical Indications, lack of adequate protection.

2. Preference for national goods in public procurement.

3. Non-automatic import licenses.

4. Restrictive trade-related requirements.

5. Delays in granting patents and lack of IP protection.

6. Preference for national good sin public procurement.

7. Restrictive measures affecting imports of food products from the EU.

8. Restrictions to provide satellite services.

9. Export duties.